The hardware connections

You need Firewire access and the appropriate cables to transfer your digital footage from a source (eg the camcorder) to your PC. The Fire-Wire access allows a high-speed transfer of the data to your PC. If your PC is not already equipped with a firewire card, you must immediately get it right.

Then take a look at the back of your PC, see their audio and video connections? They are mostly colorful, red and white for audio, yellow for video. The video access is mostly on the graphics card and the audio accessed on the hard disk, but can also be available on a TV card or a graphics card audio accesses. The connections on your camcorder are normally side and covered. Pay attention to really good cable sets. The camcorders usually come with their own cables, they are absolutely in order.

Perhaps you need another way to access your devices, the S-video port, for example, which allows the transfer of high-resolution images, depending on the USB ports or parallel ports. When connecting such devices, I recommend reading the instructions in the manual that came with the device.

Please also check the type of video capture card your PC has to ensure that your PC supports digital video, streams, and images. A video capture card is different from the graphics card you use to view DVDs or watch Internet videos on your PC. If the PC has a video capture card, please check whether you also have appropriate software for the card.

Get the space

If you have so much digital material you can compete with the Paris Louvre, the Guggenheim Museum and the Academy of Arts and Films, then your PC is probably badly prepared to handle all that data. I recommend here, instead of buying an additional hard drive every time, saving it to DVD or CD-ROM. This saves you a lot of GB of storage capacity and is also available with a handle again.

The icing on the cake

Last but not least, I would like to mention one of the most important components, the digital post-processing software.

Some program will need you if you want to get all the photos, movies, streams, videos from their storage to the monitor. Depending on whether you are using a MAC or a PC, you will either use iMovie from Apple, the media player from Windows, Adobe, Dazzle, and Avid to name a few. Now you have the complete list of tools, equipment, hardware, and software that you need to upgrade your PC to keep your career as a filmmaker behind.